Processing herbs

ObrThe company Matheo s.r.o. owns top quality technology for processing herbs and plant material, from leading producers of mainly German origin. We are able to carry out quality cutting, grinding, sorting, cleaning and mixing of plant materials:

CUTTING – a Winicker & Lieber cutting machine for medicinal plants; simple cuts in the range of 0–30 mm or quality quadratic cuts

GRINDING – Alpine cutting mills – grinding raw materials within the broad range of matrices 2 mm–12 mm

CRUSHING – Prokop hammer mill – crushing material in a large-capacity crushing mill, matrices with possibilities of 2, 3 and 5 mm

SORTING – Allgaier sieve shakers – sorting material into four processing types, sieves ranging from 0,125 mm to 18 mm

MIXING – Nauta homogeniser – preparing mixtures in the 1:100 000 quality

DRYING – drying or end drying of plant products

STERILISATION – sterilisation of products in the event of unsuitable microbiology

PROCESSING ROSE HIPS – processing rose hips on a single-purpose machine – crushing, removal of the rose hip waste by suction, sorting

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